Law and Logic

Contemporary Issues

2017. Tab., Abb.; 223 S.
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This volume seeks to revive the field of law and logic, by providing an up-to-date and accessible survey of several relevant issues. Each author is an expert in his or her field, and each chapter offers an analysis of current issues, challenges, problems, limitations and/or developments.

The general contribution of this book to existing scholarship is threefold. First, it seeks to consolidate current and cutting-edge scholarship by bringing together various approaches and different theories of law and logic in one volume. Secondly, the content is presented in a way that is both stimulating for current debates in the field, and at the same time, accessible to a wider audience (particularly to readers without prior knowledge of formal logic). Finally, this book aims at highlighting the practical applicability, utility and relevance of logic for the study of law, and its application (including legal argumentation).


Part I: General Issues

Dieter Krimphove
A Historical Overview of the Development of Legal Logic

Matthias Armgardt
Law and Logic in Leibniz's Legal Philosophy

Bartosz Brożek
Two Faces of Legal Reasoning: Rule-Based and Case-Based

Michael S. Green
Logic and Legal Realism

Part II: Specific Issues

Scott Brewer
Using Propositional Deductive Logic as an Aid to Teaching American Contract Law: The Logocratic Approach

Jaap Hage and Antonia Waltermann
Logical Techniques for International Law

Jan C. Joerden
Logic and Criminal Law

Gabriel M. Lentner
Logic and the Analysis of Legal Arguments in Public International Law

Antonino Rotolo
Meaning Negotiation in Legal Interpretation

Tanel Kerikmäe and Sandra Särav
Paradigms for Automatization of Logic and Legal Reasoning

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