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German Yearbook of International Law / Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht

Vol. 55 (2012)

2013. 743 S.
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The German Yearbook of International Law, founded as the Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht, provides an annual report on new developments in international law and is edited by the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law at the University of Kiel. Since its inception in 1948, the Yearbook has endeavored to make a significant academic contribution to the ongoing development of international law. Over many decades the Yearbook has moved beyond its origins as a forum for German scholars to publish their research and has become a highly-regarded international forum for innovative scholarship in international law. In 1976, the Yearbook adopted its current title and began to publish contributions written in English in order to reach the largest possible international audience. This editorial decision has enabled the Yearbook to successfully overcome traditional language barriers and inform an international readership about current research in German academic institutions and, at the same time, to present international viewpoints to its German audience. Fully aware of the paramount importance of international practice, the Yearbook publishes contributions from active practitioners of international law on a regular basis. The Yearbook also includes critical comments on German state practice relating to international law, as well as international reactions to that practice.


Forum: The Arab Spring and International Law

Jean-Yves de Cara
The Arab Uprisings Under the Light of Intervention

Javaid Rehman and Eleni Polymenopoulou
Justice After Democracy in the Arab World: Islamic Law Perspectives on Accountability

Focus: Disaster Preparedness and Response

David Fisher
The Future of International Disaster Response Law

Walter Kälin
The Human Rights Dimension of Natural or Human-Made Disasters

Sara E. Davies
Natural Disasters and the Responsibility to Protect

Rebecca M. Bratspies
State Responsibility for Human-Induced Environmental Disasters

Dirk Hanschel
Prevention, Preparedness and Assistance Concerning Nuclear Accidents Effective International Legal Framework or Patchwork?

Markus Kotzur
European Union Law on Disaster Preparedness and Response

General Articles

Rosanne van Alebeek
Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy): On Right Outcomes and Wrong Terms

Marco Calisto
Jurisdictional Immunities of the State: Germany v. Italy before the ICJ from an Italian Perspective

Athanasios Yupsanis
The Meaning of »Culture« in Article 15 (1)(a) of the ICESCR Positive Aspects of CESCRs General Comment No. 21 for the Safeguarding of Minority Cultures

Mart Susi
The Definition of a »Structural Problem« in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights Since 2010

Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Indigenous Whaling and Environmental Protection

Prabhakar Singh
Mercantile Metaconstitutionalism: Interpretation of the WTO Treaty and the Developing Countries

Nicholas Tsagourias
Scotland: Independence and Membership of the UN and the EU

German Practice

Christophe Eick
The UN Security Council and International Law in 2012

Peter Wittig
Making UN Sanctions Work: Germanys Chairmanship of the Al-Qaida/Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council

Antje Siering
Germanys Contribution to the Protection of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services by Hosting the IPBES Secretariat in the UN City of Bonn

Nicholas English and Felix Bieker
Upholding Data Protection Law Against Multinational Corporations: German Administrative Measures Relating to Facebook

Christoph Seidler
European Commission v. Germany: The Data Retention Directive Legal or Political Issue?

Patrick Braasch
Margin of Appreciation or a Victimless Crime? The European Court of Human Rights on Consensual Incest of Adult Siblings

Julia Gebhard and Johannes Fuchs
Equal (Enough), at Last? Latest ECtHR Jurisprudence in Ahrens v. Germany and Kautzor v. Germany on the Rights of Biological Fathers

Rainer Grote
The ECHRs Rulings in von Hannover v. Germany (No. 2) and Axel Springer AG v. Germany: Rebalancing Freedom of the Press with the Respect for Privacy

Julia Müller
The Arrest of G8 Protestors: The Contested Legitimacy of Preventive Detention

Stephanie Schlickewei
Preventive Detention Revisited Before the ECtHR: O. H. v. Germany

Julia Glocke
German Measures Against Islamic Extremist Organisation Upheld in Strasbourg: Hizb Ut-Tahrir and Others v. Germany

Tobias Thienel
The Appointment of Public Officials, Interim Measures and Article 6 of the ECHR

Hans Michael Heining and Stefan Kirchner$z
Private Prayer in Public Schools: The Judgment of the German Federal Administrative Court of 30 November 2011

Andrea Meyer
Handling of Somali Pirates from Capture until Transfer to Kenyan Authorities in Accordance with International Law?

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