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German Yearbook of International Law / Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht

Vol. 31 (1988)

1989. 741 S.
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Inhalt: G. M. Danilenko, The Theory of International Customary Law - T. W. Bennett, A Linguistic Perspective of the Definition of Aggression - W. Benedek / K. Ginther, Planned-Economy Countries and GATT: Legal Issues of Accession - F. Z. Santa Cruz, Deep Sea-bed Mining Beyond National Jurisdiction in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: Description and Prospects - F. Orrego Vicuña, The Contribution of the Exclusive Economic Zone to the Law of Maritime Delimitation - M. H. Nordquist / M. G. Wachenfeld, Legal Aspects of Reflagging Kuwaiti Tankers and Laying of Mines in the Persian Gulf - D. Fleck, Rules of Engagement for Maritime Forces and the Limitation of the Use of Force under the UN Charter - G. Hafner, Bemerkungen zur Funktion und Bestimmung der Betroffenheit im Völkerrecht anhand des Binnenmarktes - C. C. Joyner, The 1988 IMO Convention on the Safety of Maritime Navigation: Towards a Legal Remedy for Terrorism at Sea - F. Francioni, Maritime Terrorism and International Law: The Rome Convention on 1988 - E. Konstantinov, International Terrorism and International Law - A. A. An-Na'im, Islamic Ambivalence to Political Violence: Islamic Law and International Terrorism - L. C. Green, Terrorism, the Extradition of Terrorists and the 'Political Offence' Defence - W. Ader, International Law and the Discretion of the State to Handle Hostage Incidents: cui bono? - R. A. Friedlander, So Proudly They Failed: The Reagan Administration and the Gradual Disintegration of U.S. Counter-Terror Policy - W. Wengler, Völkerrechtliche Schranken der Beeinflussung auslandsverknüpften Verhaltens durch Maßnahmen des staatlichen Rechts - L. J. Raskind, The Continuing Process of Refining and Adapting Copyright Principles - K.-J. Kuss, Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions in the Soviet Union and other East European Countries - R. Müller / M. Müller, Co-operation as a Basic Principle of Legal Régimes for Areas Beyond National Sovereignty; with Special Regard to Outer Space Law - T. Roeser, The Arms Embargo of the UN Security Council against South Africa: Legal and Practical Aspects - T. Fitschen, Closing the PLO Observer Mission to the United Nations in New York: The Decisions of the International Court of Justice and the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York - V. Röben, A Report on Effective Protection of Minorities - P. López, Die Tätigkeit des Europarates im Jahre 1987

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