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German Yearbook of International Law / Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht

Vol. 30 (1987)

1988. 482 S.
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The German Yearbook of International Law, founded as the Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht, provides an annual report on new developments in international law and is edited by the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law at the Kiel University. Since its inception in 1948, the Yearbook has endeavored to make a significant academic contribution to the ongoing development of international law. Over many decades the Yearbook has moved beyond its origins as a forum for German scholars to publish their research and has become a highly-regarded international forum for innovative scholarship in international law. In 1976, the Yearbook adopted its current title and began to publish contributions written in English in order to reach the largest possible international audience. This editorial decision has enabled the Yearbook to successfully overcome traditional language barriers and inform an international readership about current research in German academic institutions and, at the same time, to present international viewpoints to its German audience. Fully aware of the paramount importance of international practice, the Yearbook publishes contributions from active practitioners of international law on a regular basis. The Yearbook also includes critical comments on German state practice relating to international law, as well as international reactions to that practice.


Inhalt: P. van Dijk, Normative Force and Effectiveness of International Norms - T. Schweisfurth, Das Völkergewohnheitsrecht; verstärkt im Blickfeld der sowjetischen Völkerrechtslehre - J. Mrázek, International Security and Disarmament Law - T. A. Clingan, Jr., The Law of the Sea in Prospective: Problems of States not Parties to the Law of the Sea Treaty - J. Woehrling, Les revendications du Canada sur les eaux de l'archipel de l'Arctique et l'utilisation immémoriale des glaces par les Inuit - I. H. P. Diederiks-Verschoor, Environmental Protection in Outer Space - A. Rest, The Sandoz Conflagration and the Rhine Pollution: Liability Issues - T. J. Schoenbaum, Antidumping and Countervailing Duties and the GATT: An Evaluation and a Proposal for a Unified Remedy for Unfair International Trade - W. Kullmann, Collapse of the Sixth International Tin Agreement: Enforceability of British Judgments against the Federal Republic of Germany under the European Convention - E. D. Graue, German Conflict Rules Revamped - E. Horn, Das Jugendstrafrecht der Bundesrepublik Deutschland auf dem Prüfstand der "Beijing Rules" - S. Eilers, Tax Secret v. Administrative Assistance in International Tax Cases: the Exchange of Information Concerning Taxes between the Federal Republic of Germany and Sweden - M. Hakenberg, Die Rechtsprechung des Internationalen Gerichtshofes in den Jahren 1985 und 1986 - S. Brammer, Die Tätigkeit der International Law Commission in den Jahren 1984-1986 - W. Hermann, Die Tätigkeit des Nordischen Rates im Jahre 1986 - B. Schaffarzik, Die Tätigkeit des Europarates im Jahre 1986 - A. Rassl, Die Europäischen Gemeinschaften im Jahre 1986

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