Fire and Life Insurance in the Dutch Republic

Development and legal aspects

2022. 233 S.
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The thesis researches the influence of marine insurance law on the development of fire and life insurance law in the Dutch Republic (1581–1795). Fire and life insurance are often seen as offspring of marine insurance, following the latter’s principles and rules ›mutatis mutandis‹. However, this theory of marine insurance as a single starting point for other types of insurance is rebutted by the various mutual fire insurance contracts found in the Zaanstreek and other parts of the Dutch Republic. This study reviews sources already known and hitherto unknown sources. As most of the sources consist of contracts, the research deals with insurance contract law. These contracts were concluded throughout the Dutch Republic at different times by varying parties. Therefore, instead of resorting to a uniform and doctrinal approach, the study takes on a casuistic approach. Instances of fire and life insurance are treated on a case-by-case basis within their own relevant circumstances.


1. Introduction
2. History of fire insurance law

Introduction – Premium fire insurance contracts – Mutual fire insurance contracts – Rotterdam Insurance Company of 1720 – Amsterdam insurance legislation on fire insurance – Various developments from the 1770s onwards
3. History of life insurance law
Introduction – On the prohibition of life insurance – Instances of short-term life insurance policies – The Dutch Life Insurance Company of 1807
4. Conclusion
List of archival sources


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