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The aim of the present volume is to reassess the history of fire insurance and fire insurance law in selected European countries from comparative perspectives. Its point of departure is the observation that today’s state of research is unsatisfactory. Foremost, the history of fire insurance and fire insurance law presents itself differently in the various European historiographies. German authors usually assert that modern fire insurance is rooted in medieval and early modern guild support, and German literature further claims that state-run fire insurance schemes as first established towards the end of the seventeenth century were of particular importance for the development of modern fire insurance. By contrast, English literature often treats fire insurance and fire insurance law as being the offspring of marine insurance. Research in many other European countries follows English literature in treating fire insurance as being firmly rooted in marine insurance. The present volume revisits these different narratives.


Phillip Hellwege: Introduction
Delphine Sirks: The Netherlands
Matthias Bogner: Germany
Sinem Ogis: England. Fire assistance, prevention, and insurance before 1666
Ervis Caja: England. The development of fire insurance after the Great Fire of London
Martin Sunnqvist: Fire help (brandstod) and other types of fire insurance in Scandinavia
Maura Fortunati: Italy. The development of fire insurance in Italy from the eighteenth to the twentieth century
Federica Furfaro: Italy. The collaboration between fire insurance companies on the Italian Peninsula before and after the national unification
David Deroussin: The development of fire insurance in France (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries)
Jerònia Pons Pons: Regulation and practice of fire insurance in Spain (1800–1908)
Phillip Hellwege: Comparative analysis
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