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Employment Problems under the Conditions of Rapid Technological Change
1988. Tab., Abb.; VIII, 273 S.
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Inhalt: A. Oberhauser / S. Joss, Employment Policy by Shortening Working Hours - K. Muramatsu, Productivity, Employment and Turnover in Japanese Manufacturing Industries - F. L. Sell, A Comment on Professor K. Muramatsu's paper - S. Hauser, Unemployment and Reduction of Working Hours: Measurement, Impacts, Costs - B. Külp, The Impact of Investment for Increased Efficiency on Employment - T. Matsugi, Fixed Investment in a Time of Rapid Technological Change and its Effect on Employment and Productivity - R. Feninger, Segmentation Theories and their Applicability for the Labor Market of the Federal Republic of Germany - M. Toda, Manpower Adjustment Policies of Firms under Microelectronic Innovation - H.-H. Francke, Innovative Investment and Taxation in the Federal Republic of Germany - D. Friedrich, Estimation of the Economic Impact of New Technologies on Employment and Productivity - H.-J. Brink, Flexibility of Work; Scope and Design - T. Kanishima, Impact of New Technologies on Personnel Management with Special Reference to Office Automation - K. Takemori, Impacts of Microelectronics on Human Resource Development in Production Systems. An Empirical Research of Factory Automation in Japan - T. Dams, Vocational Education and Challenge at a Time of Rapid Technological Change. Considerations on the Dual System - K. Jojima, Technological Development and the Labor Market in Light of the Differential Social Structures in Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany


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