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Economic Cooperation in the 1990s

European Common Market and Pacific-Asian Cooperation in a Changing Global Framework

1992. Tab.; 159 S.
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Inhalt: T. Matsugi, Impacts of the EC Single Market 1992 on the Japanese Economy, with Special Reference to Manufacturing/Automobile Industry - Y. Sato, Japanese Direct Investment in the United States and Related Problems, with Special Reference to Automobile Industry - S. Kinoshita / J. Nemoto, The Changing Pattern of International Specialization and Economic Interdependence among Asia-Pacific, the US and EC Economies - W. Pascha, On the Intricacies of Specialization and Interdependence. A Comment on S. Kinoshita's and J. Nemoto's Paper - T. Matsugi / A. Bernhard, On two Ways of Recycling Japanese Trade Surplus - H.-H. Francke, On Some Processual and Structural Problems of an European System of Central Banks - J. Senda, Impacts of the EC Single Market 1992 on Japanese Banks and Securities Firms - A. Iida, The Financial Accounting System in Japan. From an International Perspective - B. Külp, Coordination Demand and Coordination Chances of a Stability Policy in the Common Market - Y. Arayama, A Study on the Structure of the Labor Market: Empirical Study on a Socio-Economic Survey in Thailand - R. Kögler, The European Communities Single Market from a Swiss Viewpoint. Problems, Adjustments, Prospects

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