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The conference series »Current issues in IT Security« brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, Germany. IT professionals, lawyers, law enforcement and intelligence officers, judges, prosecutors, forensic specialists, and psychologists all contribute their special expertise to the discussion on contemporary security issues.

This volume of conference proceedings provides an insight into fourteen of the topics that were discussed during the two-day conference in 2012. It highlights the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to security-related issues, especially in the field of IT security, forensic sciences, and cybercrime.




Current Issues in IT Security 2012

Dominik Brodowski
Weighting Digital Evidence in Criminal Proceedings

Klaus Rechert, Richard Zahoransky, Konrad Meier, Dennis Wehrle and Dirk von Suchodoletz
Reliability and Trustworthiness of GSM Location Data

Henrich Christopher Pöhls and Focke Höhne
Sticky Signatures: Legal Advantages of Redactable Signatures and Credentials in the Food Supply Chain

Andreas Dewald and Felix C. Freiling
Is Computer Forensics a Forensic Science?

Francesco Gadaleta, Raoul Strackx, Nick Nikiforakis, Frank Piessens and Wouter Joosen
On the Effectiveness of Virtualization-based Security

Melanie Volkamer, Fatih Karayumak, Michaela Kauer, Dhanish Halim and Ralph Bruder
Security versus Trust Indicators in 2011 in Germany

Marc Fischlin and Cristina Onete
RFID Distance-Bounding: What is Wrong and How to Fix it

Katja Rancigaj, Heidi Schuster and Rainer W. Gerling
Raising IT Security Awareness: A Preliminary Study in the Academic Setting of a German Research Organisation

Sandra Kralik
The National Cyber Defence Centre (NCAZ): A New Way to Combat Cybercrime or a Blind Alley only?

Tatiana Tropina
Self- and Co-Regulation in Fighting Cybercrime and Safeguarding Cybersecurity

Rui Zhou, Klaus Rechert and Dirk von Suchodoletz
Design Guidelines for Privacy Preserving in Context-Aware Services

Dennis Stender and Lena Wiese
Is User-Controlled Data Outsourcing Possible? – A Survey and Synthesis

Benjamin Greschbach and Sonja Buchegger
Friendly Surveillance – A New Adversary Model for Privacy in Decentralized Online Social Networks

Gerhard Schneider
Network Neutrality – Myth or Reality?

Michaela Kauer, Florian Kiesel, Felix Ueberschaer, Melanie Volkamer and Ralph Bruder
The Influence of Trustworthiness of Website Layout on Security Perception of Websites

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