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Crossing the Channel – British-German Historical and Cultural Dialogues
2022. 1 Abb.; 171 S.
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During the enlightenment period, Britain was advancing fast as a world economic and political power, becoming an Empire. German writers, artists, and politicians became increasingly interested in the ideas, language, science, and the incipient industrial developments in the country across the Channel. This industrial boost gripped most European countries and led to a true Anglophilia in Germany. However, the British-German exchange was not a one-way road. Apart from aesthetic discourses in fields such as literature, philosophy, religion, or the arts, gardening was a great subject in the British-German cross-over. At the centre of this collection of essays, however, are topics that have received little attention to date. By concentrating on linguistics, physiognomy and phrenology, racial theories and twin studies, the reception of antiquity or biographical studies, this volume critically reflects on specific themes in the dynamic British-German cultural and historical dialogues.


Rudolf Boch/Marian Nebelin/Cecile Sandten:
Introduction: Crossing the Channel – British-German Historical and Cultural Dialogues

Till S. Kronsfoth:
Notes on British-German Perspectives on Johann Joachim Winckelmann’s Alleged Homosexuality

Melanie Vollbrecht:
The Old English Materials of Northern German Scholars and the ›Dictionarium Saxonico-Latinum‹ of John Joscelyn and John Parker – A Preliminary Study

Eike Kronshage:
Lavater’s Physiognomics and Feuerbach’s Concept of Projection in George Eliot’s ›Middlemarch‹

Andrew Wells:
Misplaced Politeness and Anglo-German Racial Thought: Charles White, Edward Holme, and the Account of the Regular Gradation in Man (1799)

Wieland Schwanebeck:
From ›Hereditary Greatness‹ to Biopolitics: A Brief Anglo-German History of Twin Studies

Laura Pachtner:
Mediating European Culture in the Age of Nationalism – the Liberal Catholic Historian Lady Charlotte Blennerhassett (1843–1917)

Cecile Sandten:
A Garden of One’s Own: Female Self-Enunciation through Enacting an English Garden in Germany – Elizabeth von Arnim’s ›Garden Novels‹’

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