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Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in Middle Eastern Societies - Between Tradition and Modernity
2006. Tab., Abb.; VIII, 658 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-12220-2
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The historical and cultural richness of the Middle Eastern societies and the role of the state in the countries of the region provide a unique basis to understand the variety of means to address violent conflicts in different societies with a common basis. Against this backdrop, the leading question addressed in the contributions to this book concerns what is the best-suited response to violent conflicts? The question implies that there exist alternative ways of dealing with violent conflicts. And posing this question, there follow immediately other questions: best in terms of what and best for whom: the offender, the victim, the public or all of them?

The responses are related to basic concepts of punishment, retaliation and mediation that have evidently been developed everywhere although content and meaning differ. Within this context, the book provides an overview on structural factors, settings and the phenomenology of violent conflicts in fourteen countries of the Middle East and an insight into the variety of types of traditional and modern conflict resolution applied largely in parallel in the region from different perspectives of social, legal and political sciences.


Inhalt: 1. Introduction: H.-J. Albrecht, Conflict Perspectives. Dealing with Wrongs in the Middle East - 2. Different Perspectives on Conflicts and Conflict Resolution: T. v. Trotha, History, the 'Kalashnikov Syndrome' and Conflict Resolution between the Global and the Local; some Sociological Remarks - L. Sebba, Formal and Informal Conflict Resolution in International Criminal Justice - E. Kiza / C. Rathgeber / H.-C. Rohne, War and Conflict Resolution; a Victimological Perspective - H.-C. Rohne, Approaches to Respond to Violent Conflicts. Victimological Reflections in the Context of the Al-Aqsa-Intifada - J.-M. Simon, Criminal Accountability and Reconciliation - G. Schlee, The Somali Peace Process and the Search for a Legal Order - B. Turner, The Legal Arena as a Battlefield. Salafiyya Legal Intervention and Local Response in Rural Morocco - H.-C. Rohne, Cultural Aspects of Conflict Resolution Comparing Sulha and Western Mediation - 3. Settings and Phenomenology of Conflicts in the Middle East: Y. Bar-Siman-Tov, Interlocking Conflicts in the Middle East: Structural Dimensions - A. Jamal, Political and Ideological Factors of Conflict in Palestinian Society - S. F. Landau, Settings, Factors and Phenomena of Conflict in the Israeli Society - H. Gholami, Ethnic Conflicts in Iran. Prevention and Resolution - G. Rabah, A History of Conflict Resolution in Lebanon - K. Abdullaev, Conflict Resolution in Tajikistan - A. Aytekin Inceoglu, So-called "Honour Killings" as a Social Conflict in Turkey - H. Rezaei, Searching for the Origins of Gender Violence in the Sharia Discourse - 4. Formal and Informal Approaches to Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Middle East: Afghanistan: A. Wardak, Structures of Authority and Local Dispute Settlement in Afghanistan - S. Ayyubi, Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan and the Role of Women in Formal and Informal Justice - H. Attaei, Formal and Informal Justice in Afghanistan - Egypt: A. E. E. Miligui, Conflict Settlement in Egypt in Comparative Perspective - Iran: M. E. S. Nateri, Formal and Informal Means of Conflict Resolution in Murder Case in Iran - F. Mahmoudi, Informal Justice System in Iranian Law - M. Jalali-Karveh, Theory and Practice of Arbitration as a Peaceful Means of Dispute Settlement in the Iranian Legal System - F. Mahmoudi, Alternative Sanctions in Iranian Penal Law - H. Gholami, Restorative Traditions in Violent Conflicts in Iran - M. Rahami, The Constitution as a Means of Conflict Prevention in Iran - Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip: A. Goldstein, Family Group Conference (FGC) in Youth Justice in Israel - S. Fares / D. Khalidi, Formal and Informal Justice in Palestine. Between Justice and Social Order - P. Segal, Restorative Justice in Jewish Law and Present Israel - N. Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Tribal Justice and Gender. Perspectives in the Palestinian Society - Jordan: M. Abu-Hassan, Tribal Reconciliation (El-Sulh) in Jordan - Lebanon: G. E. Irani, Lebanese and Arab Methods of Conflict Resolution - Pakistan: M. Ahmar, Interrelationships between the Formal and Informal Justice in Pakistan - Syria: A. Al-Sarraj, Alternative Means for Retributive Justice in Violent Conflicts in Syria - Turkey: S. Derin, The Alternative Way of Retribution in the Sufi Philosophy of Justice in Turkey - S. Tellenbach, Bloodfeuds and How to Bring Them to an End. Experiences from Turkey - Epilogue: H. Rezaei,$z Violent Conflict and Sulh in Middle Eastern Societies

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