Balancing Security and Liberty

Counter-Terrorism Legislation in Germany and China

2014. Tab.; 352 S.
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In most countries, the suppression and prevention of terrorism have become a topic of intense debate. Many people are increasingly worried about excessive state interference in civil liberties in the name of protecting public security.

The purpose of this book is to analyze whether and to what extent Germany and China provide their citizens with adequate human rights protection in their fight against terrorism. The book also aims to provide new perspectives for improving Germany's existing anti-terror legislation and, more importantly, to offer constructive recommendations for the making of anti-terror laws in China.


1. Introduction

Statement of the Problem – Object of the Research – Purpose of the Research – Methodology of the Research – Structure of the Research

2. Germany

Historical Development of Terrorism in Germany – Anti-Terrorism Legislation in Germany

3. China

Historical Development of Terrorism in China – Anti-Terrorism Legislation in China

4. Comparative Analysis of the Anti-Terrorism Legislation in Germany and China

Methodological Considerations – Comparative Analysis from the Perspective of Legal Regulations – Comparative Analysis from the Perspective of Basic Rights – Comparison of General Principles – Comparison of Local Conditions – Balance between Security and Liberty

5. Conclusion

Terrorist Threat – Anti-Terror Legislation – Underlying Causes – Balancing between Security and Liberty – Answering Questions


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