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Antarctic Challenge II

Conflicting Interests, Cooperation, Environmental Protection, Economic Development. Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium, September 17th - 21st, 1985. Organized by the Institut für Internationales Recht an der Universität Kiel and the Alfred-Wege

1986. Abb.; 465 S.
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Inhalt: J. Delbrück / J. Westphal / R. Wolfrum, Opening Ceremonies - F. Tessensohn, Antarctic Mineral Resources: Tell Us where the Riches Are - P. Halbach, Comment: Dependence of Deep Ocean Floor Activities on a Viable Legal Regime - J. C. Behrendt, Comment: Environmental Effects of Development of Antarctic Petroleum and Mineral Recources - K.-H. Kock, Present Knowledge of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and Means of Ensuring the Compliance with Protection Measures - B. A. Boczek, Specially Protected Areas as an Instrument for the Conservation of the Antarctic Nature - F. Wong / F. Newman, Restrictions to Freedom of Scientific Research through Environmental Protection - A. D. Watts, Liability for Activities in Antarctica: Who Pays the Bill to Whom? - G. Jaenicke, Dispute Settlement under the Law of the Sea Convention - R. Wolfrum, Means of Ensuring Compliance with an Antarctic Mineral Resources Regime - I. E. Nicholson, Antarctic Tourism: The Need for a Legal Regime? - G. Hempel, Progress in Antarctic Research in the Federal Republic of Germany - P. Birnie, The Antarctic Regime and Third States - E. Suy, The Status of Observers in International Law - R. Tucker Scully, Institutionalisation of the Antarctic Treaty Regime - H. P. Rajan, India's Approach to the Antarctic Treaty System as a New Consultative Party - M. Haron, Antarctica and the United Nations: The Nest Step? - P. Schwerdtfeger, Antarctic Icebergs as Potential Sources of Water and Energy - D. Sobinger, Comment - H. Miller, Geophysical and Glaciological Investigations in the Filchner Ice Shelf Area, Antarctica - J. N. Barnes, The Future of Antarctica. Environmental Issues and the Role of NGOs

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