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Adjustments of Economics and Enterprises in a Changing World
1993. Tab., Abb.; 250 S.
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Inhalt: T. Dams, Unification of Germany in the Context of European Integration and Current Issues of East European Countries: A Comparative Economic System's Perspective - A. Oberhauser, Public Finance and the Transformation Process to Market Economies in the Countries of Eastern Europe - H.-H. Francke, The Franco-German Way Towards an European System of Central Banks - H.-J. Brink, Managerial Deficits and Solutions in the New Enterprises of East Germany as Consequences of Transition from a Planned Economy to a Market Economy - H. Okuno, The Restructuring of Financial Institutions in Japan - N. Okun / R. Futagami, Regional Income Inequality and Allocation of Public Investment: The Japanese Experience, 1958-1986 - N. Takeuchi / Y. Arayama, Interregional Difference and Public Finance - N. Takeuchi, Industrial Structures and their Fiscal Improvement - Y. Arayama, Prefectural Structure of Employment and its Determinants - R.-B. Schmidt, Models to Aid Decision Making under Economic Uncertainty. A Problem of Interdisciplinary Research - T. Kishida, Technological Innovation and Organizational Restructuring - W. Hilke, Information about R & D Activities in Annual Reports of German Corporations - T. Yoshida, On Technological Change and Interorganizational Relationships - F. Schober, Information and Planning Systems in Support of International Business Strategies - S. Hauser, Models Considering Current and Chaotic Structural Changes Exemplified by the Money and Stock Market

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