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Adjustment Problems in Advanced Open Economies: Japan and Germany
1989. Abb.;VII, 300 S.
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Inhalt: R.-B. Schmidt, "Unternehmungsphilosophie" and Human Concept. Questions to the Research of Real Theory - T. Kishida, Entrepreneurship: Management Ideology and Corporate Strategy - D. Schneidewind, Management of a German Subsidiary in Japan. Experiences and Challenges - S. Kuraku, Management of a Japanese Establishment in the Federal Republic of Germany. A Report on Experiences with Problems and Solution Approaches - M. Yamada, Process Innovation and Small Firms in Japan - R. Fahrion, Fifth Generation Technology. Basic Principles and Economic Implications - T. Saito, The Influence of German Business Administrations on Japanese Business Administration, especially in Reference to Accounting - W. Hilke, Development of External Accounting in the FRG According to the 4th and 7th EC Directives. The New German Accounting and Reporting Law - T. Matsugi, The Foreign Trade Structure of Japan - R. Okumura, Patterns of the Balance of Payments in the Optimal Growth Model - G. Blümle / S. Hauser, Exports of Baden-Württemberg within the Frame of the Federal Republic of Germany. Structure, Concentration - W. Pascha, The Internationalization of Japan's and West Germany's Textile and Clothing Industries, 1970-1985 - M. Mizuno, The Economic Consequences of Government Deficit. The Japanese Case - W. Scherf / A. Oberhauser, Interactions between the External Economy and the Fiscal and Monetary Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, in View of Stabilization Policy

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