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A Critical Archaeology of Cosmopolitan Thinking

Return to the Interwar Years

2023. 214 S.
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In the period between World Wars, the shock of World War 1 and the trauma caused by the conditions of the peace treaties generated an abundance of works on cosmopolitism and supranationalism. In the very period that witnessed the rise of nationalisms, pacifism and cosmopolitan thinking underwent a thorough renewal. While the Socialist International, bolstered by the progress of the Bolshevik revolution, claimed to offer an alternative to the weakness of Western democracies, these experienced a readjustment in the issues linked to cosmopolitanism, fuelled by the leading intellectual theories. Practically all the schools of thought and all the major intellectual figures played a part in this. Important turning points in theory were achieved. This enquiry into the intermediate period between both World Wars aims at outlining an archaeology of models and paradigms in contemporary cosmopolitan thought.


Daniel Meyer and Gérard Raulet
Introduction: A Critical Archaeology of Cosmopolitan Thinking. Return to the Interwar Years

Daniel Meyer et Gérard Raulet
Introduction: Une archéologie critique de la pensée cosmopolitique. Retour sur l’entre-deux-guerres

Nadia Mazouz
Making Sense of Self-Criticism in Cosmopolitanism

Cristina Foroni Consani and Joel T. Klein
The Kantian Legacy in Kelsen’s Philosophy of International Law

Soraya Nour Sckell
Hans Kelsen’ s Cosmopolitanism in the 1920s

Tristan Coignard
La paix par le droit est-elle affaire d’éducation ? Théodore Ruyssen, Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster et la transmission des normes du cosmopolitisme juridique

Pedro M. S. Alves
The Common World and the World for All. A Reappraisal of Husserl’s Theses from a Cosmopolitan Stance

Gualtiero Lorini
»The Historical Teleology of the Infinite Goals of Reason«. Husserl’ s Idea of Europe in the Middle of the Crisis

Carlos Morujão
La pertinence phénoménologique du concept «homme-masse»

Daniel Meyer
Le planétarisme apocalyptique de Martin Heidegger

John Farrenkopf
Die Welt in der Krise. Spengler und zeitgenössische Philosophen der internationalen Beziehungen

Olivier Agard
Idée d’Europe et critique du libéralisme chez Max Scheler

Gérard Raulet
Max Scheler und der Gedanke eines nicht moralischen Kosmopolitismus

Nuno Miguel Proença
Sigmund Freud on the Uneasiness in the Identities

Achim Geisenhanslüke
Unheimliche Welt. Freud und das Drama des Großen Krieges


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