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Christian Business Values in an Intercultural Environment
1989. Tab., Abb.; VI, 188 S.
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Inhalt: R. Skurski / C.-A. Andreae, Global Values, Institutions, and Policies: A Conceptual Framework - N. G. Rueschhoff, Intercultural Business Values: An Initial European-American Dialogue - C.-A. Andreae / R. Koester, Values and Policies in the Global Economy: A European-American Institutional Challenge - A. Goddu, Eurosclerosis' and the Political Integration of Western Europe: A Historical Perspective - K. Lanzinger, Europe, Our Old Home: An American Cultural Experience - T. Werge, Corporate Kingdoms and the Kingdom of God in America - G. Prosi, Economic Significance of Ethics - J. A. Fernandez-Arena, The Mexican Operative and Administrative Culture - W. Mussner / N. Rueschhoff, Institutional Infrastructures as an Element in Intercultural Value Analysis - W. Vyslozil / H. Muehlbacher, Making Corporate Strategies Work. The Role of Values, Norms and Attitudes - S. Safranski / I.-W. Kwon, Religio-cultural Values in Management: Isolating Specific Relationships - M. Radzicki, Incorporating Christian Values into Business Simulations: An Institutional Dynamics Approach -J. Gremillion, The Church as Transnational Source and Carrier of Values. Affecting Economic, Political and Cultural Institutions and Policies - N. Rueschhoff / K. Schaum, Perspectives for Further Research

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